Whispbar Fork Mount Cycle Holder Kit


Innovative new cycle holder with revolutionary Quick Dock attachment.

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Product Description

Having the right accessory on your roof rack can make a big difference to it’s usability and the time you spend loading it. Adding these easy-to-use accessories turns your roof rack into a dedicated cycle roof rack.

You have to love these cycle holders; Built from tough aluminium and with integrated locks they just don’t let go of your bike and make getting there a relaxing and comfortable experience. Choose the fork mount option for a lower centre of gravity and to reduce the overall height of your vehicle when loaded, or for quicker loading choose the frame mount option.

  • Quick Dock gives ultra quick and secure installation and removal of your cycle
  • Improved aerodynamics and super quiet on the road
  • Single key locking ensures your cycle and holder is locked with one turn
  • Diecast aluminium ensures aerodynamic styling and unparallel strength


Carries: 1 cycle
Lockable: Yes
Quick Release: Yes, Quick Dock
Size: All
Material: Aluminium construction
Fits: Whispbar or P-Bar