Bike Racks


    Boot Carrier

    No towbar needed Easily fitted onto the boot of your car with safety straps Additional stabilising straps secured with new hooks Fits most sedans and hatchbacks Available in a 3-bike carrier Uses rubber flexi-clamps to secure the bikes onto the...

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    Fishing Rod Rack 600mm Lockable

    The new stylish locking arms provide a simple and effective method of locking down your gear. Features Include: Internal Measurement = 450mm External Measurement = 600mm Key Locking for extra security Easy opening and loading Soft Rubber Moulding to protect your rods Lifetime Warranty Fits many different rack types with the right fitting kit (Ask for fitting kit for your...

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    Holdfast Baseplate Extension 20cm

    4×4 Extension for Double Baseplate – 20cm

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    Holdfast Platform Rack

    Comes in a 2 and 3 bike version Tow ball mounted carrier (gooseneck compatible) Versatile, carries all bike types Durable & easy to use Simple pad-lock system secures rack to car  Comes with rear lights and numberplate...

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    Holdfast Snap-On Lite

    Clips directly onto tow-ball. Lockable(Padlock not included) Accommodates most bike frames Easy to...

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    Holdfast Thunderbolt Bike Carrier

    The roof mounted through axle mountain bike carrier 220405 Thunderbolt  Features Roof rack mounted carrier For 15mm through axle mountain bikes only Perfect for bikes with sensitive frames Can be mounted onto...

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    Holdfast Trident Bike Carrier

    The Trident is our premium roof rack mounted bike carrier which makes transporting your bike that much safer and easier. – No frame contact resulting in ultimate bike protection – Takes just 30 seconds to mount your bike – Built-in locking system & key – Accommodates most bicycle shapes Your vehicle requires roof racks to attach the Trident...

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    SA2000 Flexi-Clamp

    The Holdfast SA2000 is an old and faithful rear mounted carrier that’s stood the test of time. Durable & super strong. Holdfast’s SA2000 is a strong and stylish carrier It folds away easily when not in use The new and improved hinged plate piece allows you easy access to the boot of your car The Flexi-Clamp system allows you to accommodate bikes with large frames The lockable Pilfree bar enables you to secure your...

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    Top Runner Pro 2 Bike

    Holdfast Top Runner Pro 2bike rack. Used for transporting bicycles on top of trailers and vehicles Uses same system as the Holdfast Sprint Bicycle Carrier A 2-bar rack is needed onto which the Top Runner is mounted A standard Roof Rack can support x2 Top Runners enabling you to carry up to x4 bikes with this system The Top Runner is secured to the roof racks with U-Bolts, which are supplied with the rack when purchased Your motor vehicle requires: Roof Racks to fit your make and model of car Either a square or aero bar will work with the Top...

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    Upright Bicycle Carrier

    The Upright Bicycle Carrier uses a method of bike carrying preferred by most riders The back wheel is held in place using a strap The front wheel is removed and the front frame is locked in place with a strong spring loaded...

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    Wheelie Bicycle Carrier

    Holdfast’s Wheelie Bicycle Carrier eliminates the need for you to have a towbar fitted to your car The Wheelie fits over the spare wheel of your 4×4. The wheel needs to be in the center of the back door The spare wheel cover must be removed when mounting your Wheelie to the spare wheel Wheelie is easily fitted and it secrured down with a strong ratchet strap The back door of the 4×4 can be opened without removing the bicycle carrier The Wheelie Bicycle Carrier is safe, convenient and easy to...

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    Whispbar Fork Mount Cycle Holder Kit

    Having the right accessory on your roof rack can make a big difference to it’s usability and the time you spend loading it. Adding these easy-to-use accessories turns your roof rack into a dedicated cycle roof rack. You have to love these cycle holders; Built from tough aluminium and with integrated locks they just don’t let go of your bike and make getting there a relaxing and comfortable experience. Choose the fork mount option for a lower centre of gravity and to reduce the overall height of your vehicle when loaded, or for quicker loading choose the frame mount option. Quick Dock gives ultra quick and secure installation and removal of your cycle Improved...

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